Thursday, November 09, 2006


What an absolutely stupid idea for students to be able to sit exams using text message language.

What next - shorthand? If kids cant learn how to read and write English correctly, but are goingto be allowed to use text language, what will happen when they get into the workforce or into University and can't write correct English and spell correctly. Will todays kids have a text message CV? You can't use spell check on text message language (yet).

NZQA should be taken out and shot. Is this how they are going to get kids to pass exams? Wh cnt thy jst dlt th vwls? No that's a dumb idea as these days won't know what vowels are if they communicate in text message language in formal exams.

*scratching my head in disbelief - don't even go there.


Anonymous said...

Hiya Dave. I lost your email address so here is the link to the economics site we were talking about.
Hope you are surviving OK.
Cheers. John.

publius ovidius naso said...

totally agree. taking out bursary and replacing it with that ncea crap was bad enough. now this?

Anonymous said...

r u nuts or smthng?
ths is hw we r.