Sunday, November 12, 2006

former cop gets off rape charges

Do you think that a woman who has sex with a drunk cop at the Kaitaia police station in the early hours of the morning in 1988 would say the sex was consensual if the woman concerned was handcuffed before being raped? Furthermore, why did he lure her into the police station when he was of-duty at the time? And why was he disciplined by the police bosses following the incident? After the woman laid a complaint, did the police refuse to take a statement from the woman concerned so as to protect one of their own? Why isn't the media reporting this as these facts are not suppressed?

Also, why should the woman's name be suppressed?Just like Ogle's, it is all over the Internet.


Anonymous said...

The police are obviously in need of protection

Anonymous said...

Am I going nuts or what.
we are 4 million people and it seems to me that there is a monster amount of police appearing in the papers for one crime or another.
Is this just my perception or do we have a "leaking at the seams" issue with a "hidden culture" gone wrong that we don't know about or only in part.
I'm not talking about the appearence of politicaly corrupt inaction on the part of senior police towards the Labour party but the ordinary man jack policeman.
Note not policewomen.

Mike NZ