Thursday, November 30, 2006

Brash resigns from Parliament

Not exactly gone by lunch time, but Don Brash has resigned. He will be replaced by Katrina Shanks. Don Brash doesn't like it when he is found out for not telling the truth or placed under scrutiny on the assumption that he is not truthful. National doesnt like it when its MP's have allegedly been corrupt - particularly after accusing Labour of the same thing.

Perhaps Brash would have still been in Parliament had he told the truth -and if the Exclusive Brethren kept its nose out of national politics. Its not a good idea taking a leaf out of Helen Clark's book, however the difference between Clark and Brash is that Clark is not often publically outed for blatant lying - or placed in a situation where she has to backtrack in the way Brash has been doing.

What Nicky Hagars book has revealed is that it is not just the Labour party MPs who lie - it is a Parliamentary problem, and until MPs of all parties consistantly tell the truth, we can see more investigations by people like Wishart and Hagar.

When I vote for an MP, I expect that person to be honest and to have integrity as long as they are in Parliament for that parliamentary term. Nothing less.

Parliament needs to clean up its act.

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