Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Armstrong on Key

The Herald's John Armstrong has some tips for John Key. Would he want to be Key`s press secretary, by chance? Here are Armstrong's suggestions.
1 Maintain momentum through to Christmas and beyond.
2 Get Key to stamp his mark on Parliament.
3 Reach out to the country's women voters.
4 Seek an urgent rapprochement with Maori.
5 Reach out to other parties in Parliament.
6 Think laterally.Surprise.
7 Respect the enemy's ability to recover.
8 Stop trying to win unwinnable arguments.
9 Appoint a chief press secretary who can speak for the leader.
10 Nudge Don Brash into quitting politics altogether.

1 comment:

Murray said...

I have one tip for Key, join Labour.

It's where you belong.