Monday, October 02, 2006

Violent crime goes up, up,up

Violent crime has increase so much according to police stats released today that the increase in violent crime over the last year is nearly as much as the increase in violent crime from 1997-2005. Violent crime has increased 10 percent in the past year.

A crime is reported every 73 seconds at the moment, murders have jumped by 30 percent, and ther are on average 138 violent offenses every single day. I wonder how much of an effect methamphetamine ( known as P ) has had? The police are unable to control violent crime as a result of addiction to P. In Northland there was a 228 per cent increase in methamphetamine offenses.

The Police Commissioner is dreaming when he said on Newztalk ZB today that the increase is just a "blip" and the figures will trend downwards next year. He has said the increase could be attributed to changes in recording practices associated with changes to the police central computer system. Furthermore, the more crime that the police know about, the better placed police were to prevent crime occurring, the Commissioner said.

Perhaps the Government should concentrate on repeat offenders and punish them properly rather than letting them out on parole to reoffend repeatedly - or to reoffend while doing PD or home dentention.

In terms of crime reduction, how come Police didnt do anything about previous years' crime rates. Too busy working on the road toll, perhaps?

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