Sunday, October 01, 2006

AIDS Foundation cares about the Presbyterian church?

As you all know by now, the Presbyterian Church has again decided to ban all unmarried members in relationships, and gay singles from serving as elders or leaders unless already ordained. And the decision saddens the AIDS Foundationbecause that excludes gay people.

Yet members of the AIDS Foundation really have to grow up and be educated when they comment on the church.The Foundation maintains that the real threat to credibility in religious leadership is hypocrisy, intolerance, and the disgrace of sexual abuse and paedophilia. Dream on! They wouldnt know the first thing about church leadership.

As far as I am aware, no AIDS Foundation members are Christians, go to church, or have the slightest interest in religious matters, so they should just settle down, put the kettle on and have an nice cuppa tea with their GLBT mates. Then they should do their job trying to stop the spread of AIDS, rather than promoting homosexuality and commenting on things they are ignorant on.

Given that the AIDS Foundation thinks that the church does not consider gay people worthy of leadership simply "because of who they are", I`d like to know whether the Foundation would be happy to have a fundamentalist Church leader on their Board, or would they turn them down because of "who they are".


Anonymous said...

Absolutely right. I only wish more in the Church had the guts to say this. The AIDS lobby has been so dishonest in its motives, and so quick to accuse anyone who questions its cause.

Anonymous said...

And the Christian Right is the soul of honesty and morality?
Graham Capill. Bruce Logan.

Craig Y.

Anonymous said...

I deplore the presbytarian churche's hypocrisy in this matter.

to stop new people who are ins exual relationships from being leaders.

Whilst leaving in place people who are deliberatly and intentionaly committing sin is the real hypocrisy.