Saturday, July 01, 2006

son breaks "riding crop" mum's nose

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The woman who was acquitted in court of physically disciplining her 12-year-old son with a riding crop was visited by her six-foot 16-year old son in January. He kicked his stepfather in the head and broke his mothers nose. The last time the mothers nose was boken was when she was assaulted by an ex-husband who was charged with assault. However the police have not laid assault charges against the boy, despite his parents pressing for this.

The mother had access rights after the son was told to live with his father because she was deemed an unsafe parent by Child, Youth and Family, because she disciplined the younger one with a riding crop and a cane.

But this older son is a brat. Since living with his father he has had free access to alcohol and party pills and, according to his mother, has been breaking into cars and has appeared before the youth court on 13 charges.

As well as breaking his mothers nose, and kicking his stepfather in the head with his size 15 shoes (his stepfather has a serious head injury, remember) he repeatedly spat at them both while travelling with them in the car. The stepfather had to physically restrain the boy, and pull him off his mother. He was punching her and repeatedly calling her a f........ arsehole, f..... whore, and a few other things. So she physically disciplined him and his stepfather tied his feet together to stop him from kicking him in the head again, before calling the police, who handcuffed the swearing boy and took him away.

Now, this mother along with her husband is facing an assault charge laid last month after the boy went to CYFS the following week. That is why it is now in the media. Perhaps CYFS, or its supporters, has released information on the case.

More sadly, CYFS Dunedin manager Peter Guest has now stopped the younger sons unsupervised access to his mum specifically because of the charges. He did this just two days before the holidays, without even telling the boy. The boy was going to stay with his mum over the holidays next week. Instead he found out from his mother that he is to stay with his grandmother, who was the approved CYFS caregiver that physically disciplined the boy and gave him Risperdal and Ritalin.

Guest is also trying to take the woman's daughter away from her again. The mother has complained to the police and laid charges of assault against her son but has been told that she has to prove that she was assaulted before the police would do anything. This is despite the fact that CYFS did not have to prove charges against the parent, and that case is before the courts.

Perhaps the ACC claim form for the broken nose may be proof.

Anyone with half a brain can now find out this woman's name through the media,as one paper has named her on the assault charge and then linkedthe two cases together on anohter report - but her name is permanently suppressed by the courts. For obvious reasons I have not provided links to the papers concerned.

Do you think the older boy should be charged with assault?
update This family is about to air their story on TV shortly,


Russell Brown said...

Dave, I'm sure you're an okay guy, but your resolute refusal to join the dots here is verging on the bizarre.

You've described two serious assaults (or attempted assaults) in the home, but you don't seem capable of asking the obvious question: to what extent has this mother's state of mind and her frequent and severe physical "correction" of her children created the situation? This seems a very violent family, and the fact that the Bible is being waved around hardly changes that. This woman is *disturbed*.

In the circumstances, CYFS's cancellation of unsupervised access seems merely prudent.


Dave said...

Rusell I've not only joined the dots, I've created them. You don't even know what the second method of physical correction is so how can you say it was *serious*.

As far as the mothers state of mind was, its much better than her sons, I can assure you.

Your assertions based on such ignorance are astounding to say the least.

PS. yes, I am an OK guy..