Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bradford wants to keep babies in prison even longer

Now that Green MP Sue Bradford's bill allowing for breast-feeding prisoners to keep their babies inside for two years has passed the first reading, she wants an extension to three years

If she wants three years, why didn`t she say so in the bill? Next thing she`ll be wanting to make smacking a criminal offence, ( as opposed to not intending to make smacking a criminal offence but drafting a bill to make it so). Another conviction will keep the mother in for even longer, as well as the baby.

And with underfloor heating, why wouldn't these prison mums smack their kids in the hope that it will extend their stay?

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BB said...

Hey.. all us women could go to prison and have our babies.. the children would then be in a safe envirnoment, protected from a society who just might abuse them by smacking them.. and then when they get to three they could go to a nice CYF facility where the state could raise them cos Mums in prison..and the child has gotten to an age where it might be smacked
Sue Bradford might be better working in the circus.. she would make a great clown..Hey and just rememebr dear friend sue.. Nobody in the country had enough confidence in you for you to honestly win a seat in the house.. you got it by default... the average kiwi didnt want you in leadership .. they would rather see you in the big top... or just imagine..TVNZ>> Aunty Sue.. Prison Sue pernanny!!! Now Sue.. get in your naughty chair.