Monday, July 10, 2006

Popular and competent

We have a popular and competent Prime Minister, according to the popular and competent Prime Minister herself. But how do we measure that popularity and competence. How many enemies she has? How much power she has? How she handles the media? The polls? The lies she gets away with - and the ones she doesn't get away with?

Well, the polls could be an indication of popularity. So could talk back radio.

What about competence? Normally it is based on whether you have fulfilled your job description.

But the Prime Minister does not have a job description. There is no statutory provision which establishes the office of the Prime Minister, or which defines its role. Like her government, her role is what she determines it to be.

So how do we know how competent she is - What is the measure?

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Anonymous said...

Re: Talkback radio.

I seriously doubt whether talkback is representative of anyone. Not according to media demographics and ratings research, which shows a highly fragmented media market.

Moreover, what about the cancel button? Any viciously stupid right-wing old bigot could yank anyone who doesn't agree with their Genghis Khan era views using that piece of technology.

Craig Y.