Monday, July 10, 2006

Charles Chauvel will be a MP

In less than a month, Charles Chauvel will be an MP after the forced resignation of Jim Sutton on August 1. Chauvel has already been introduced as Labours new gay MP, and will be the third MP who contested the Ohariau Belmont seat at the last election.

This whole thing of getting rid of elected list MPs who failed to win their seat and replacing them with list MPs who can't win seats at all is undemocratic. Voters don't place party votes for elected members to be booted out if they lose their seats. If it is not OK to party hop, it should not be OK to boot people out because they have not regained their seats - instead, long-termers who are likely to be marked for the boot if they lose their seats should be placed lower on the list.


Chuck said...

How many homosexual Labour MPs are there now. I am sure Craig would know. He seems to know everything else.

Chuck said...

How many homosexual MPs has Labour got now? I sure Craig would know. He seems to know everything else.

Anonymous said...

In which case, would you agree that the party hopping legislation actually served democratic values, because it means that quislings like Frank Grover and Alamein Kopu couldn't defect to the other side and serve parties that were diametrically opposed to principles that they were elected on, as list MPs, or simply as stooges?

Craig Y.

PS to my avian friend. Labour has five. National has one.