Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Catholics to appeal South Park decision

It will be interesting to see how successful the Catholic Bishops are in appealing the Broadcasting Standards Authority's decision on the Bloody Mary episode of South Park.

I wonder what David Farrar thinks of this appeal.


Mellie said...

I'll tell you what I think. For fuck's sake, why? Get over it, is what I'd say if I was addressing the conference of bishops. Ungh...

Anonymous said...

Rather interesting that this appeal is occurring at the same time that SPCS is waxing hysterical over Charles Chauvel's position as latest Labour list MP,
isn't it?

Craig Y.

David Farrar said...

Naturally I hope the appeal is not sucessful.

Dave said...

No, whats the connection between Chauvel and South Park?

Anonymous said...

Okay. 1, the SPCS was founded by ex-nun Pat Bartlett, and its early membership was dominated by conservative Catholics.

2, and this has now changed as conservative Catholics have mostly died out. However, fundamentalist Protestants have replaced them, and were the primary movers of the bid to overturn the original OFLC 'hate speech' decision.

3, so, we get a situation where SPCS is posing as guardian of free speech, however low its quality and mendacious its content, while some of its remaining conservative Catholic members see no contradiction in crying censorship when it comes to hate speech, but not when their own church tries to ban puerile tiresome and repetitious adult-oriented cartoons
from exercising that same right to free speech.

For the record, I oppose censorship of hate speech from a free speech perspective, but I believe political debate should be civil and respectful of one another's differences.