Thursday, July 13, 2006

beneficaries better off by $36 a week

Benson Pope has claimed that, on average, beneficary families are $36.00 better off a week because they have increased accommodation supplement and family support payments.

But it is clear that most are not. What Benson Pope didn't factor in was that those who were on the Special Benefit are getting a reduction in their benefit payments, nor did he factor in the fact that most people's expenses have risen more than their income has - meaning they are in fact worse off.

The increases range from $8.00 to just over $50.00 if you have four kids. That's about $10.00 a week per child on average, not including the accommodation supplement -which Housing New Zealand tenants don't get anyway.

The extra money is in family support, and in some cases accommodation supplement which, in most cases, they would get even if they were working, except that IRD would be paying most of it. If they were working the state would pay the In Work payment, a further $60.00 a week.

What's the bet the increase goes towards the power bill or paying off WINZ debts.

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Anonymous said...

In my experience as a community worker amongst Invalids Beneficiaries, definitely the power bill at this time of year...

Craig Y.