Friday, June 02, 2006


Make sure you go and watch this interview with an angry Michael Cullen. He is blaming the Press gallery for the publicity surrounding tax cuts, and says the only reason that it is in the media is because the journalists are reporting it personally - ie: they want a tax cut - especially leftie journalists from TVNZ, the Herald, the Dominion Post and The Press.

Dr Cullen raises his voice, loses his temper, and incredulously asks what the connection is between a Dominion Post headline of a $8.5 billion surplus and still no tax cuts.

Then afterwards he says the conversation was off the record. Coverage of Cullen by the press gallery in future will be interesting, especialy when they ask Helen Clark at her next press conference if she approves of Cullens comments.

One thing that is interesting is that most of the press gallery don't have kids. Therefore they are not entitles to Working for Families and would be more likely to want tax cuts than if they had six kids.

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