Monday, June 05, 2006

Dominion Post leaves it a bit late

The Dominion Post has published another editorial today on the election overspending. It says Labour should not be allowed to get away with a cynical flouting of the law.

Well, the party may well not have got away with it had newspapers editors been on the ball to highlight the law breaking well within six months of it happening. The first mention of the election overspending in the Dominion Post was a letter I wrote - and I only wrote it because no journalist in the Domonion Post was prepared to do a story on it. Even then the editor's PA had to ring me the day before publication to see if the letter was kosher.

When it transpired that Heather Simpson was not charged, but should have been, I wrote another letter. This one was not published but I'm pretty sure it ended up being a story idea, and a feature was eventually written.

But no breaking news story was ever published in the Dominion Post on the pledge cards overspending, despite editors being aware of the events. The Herald did exactly the same with Doonegate - refused to publish a story when it could, but was happy publishing something at a later date.

I wonder why?

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