Wednesday, June 28, 2006

killing and having babies

Do you think it is responsible for a woman to have a baby after her earlier one was killed after she couldn't cope with parenting her? A woman gave her baby to her sister to look after and breastfeed - but she killed the baby as well. Now the mother has had twins and one has died when the mother was elsewhere as her partner took her away to another town 40ks away for the night. This baby was dead on arrival at the hospital.

Do babies in these kind of families get off the breast as fast as possible so each parent can do their own thing? Most dads I know don't take babies to various locations without the other parent going as well.

It's about time each of these parents - including the Kahui's - started bringing up these kids together, rather than shunting kids from one parent to the other as they feel led.

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