Wednesday, June 28, 2006

in the past week

A government funded body headed by a woman who pays no tax states immediately after two babies were brutally murdered that most child abuse results from parents smacking their kids.

The Government is told that a "well child service" they are to fund this week does not have sufficently qualified staff to do the job, but won't admit its mistake in taking off funding from an organisation that has the staff and can do the job if it was funded to do so.

The Government spends $121,000 on a "gender neutral" tool to support pay and employment equity in the state sector, when anyone in the state sector could tell you that women get paid less than men - and take more leave. Lets apply this gender neutal tool at the Ministry of Women's Affairs and see how well it works.

We have a $4.1 billion account deficit - it's never been worse.

Parliament exempts farm dogs from micro chipping - but will not say how micro chipping dogs will stop other dogs biting kids, or who will police micro-chipping.

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