Thursday, June 01, 2006

are you a grup?

Well if you walk, talk and act like you are 25, but are over 40, have kids, like to go clubbing until 5am, think South Park is funny, don't own slippers or PJs, and would rather wear jeans and T-shirts rather than trousers and a tie when going out to dinner, you may well be a grup - a contraction for grown up. Grup is taken from an episode of Star Trek in which Captain Kirk et al. land on a planet of children who rule the world, with no adults in sight.

You may well pass the grup test if you listen to bands like Ghostface Killah, if your kids ask you to turn the stereo down, if you think Thomas The Tank Engine sucks, and you don't like to think about what to wear.

Or as novellist Dave Eggers puts it: We are wearing what we always wear, having decided, after thinking about what to wear and then remembering not to think about what to wear, to wear what we would have worn had we not been thinking about what to wear.

I may be a grup. A mature grup. All I need is an iPod.

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