Monday, May 08, 2006

ten guitars

As it is NZ Music month this month I am going to do a list of 10 top New Zealand songs, but here's a list of 10 great songs (in no particular order) that never quite made it in terms of getting into the top ten.

Liberty- Greg Johnston ( which got an APRA silver scroll award)
Oncoming Day - Chills
Private Universe - Crowded House
Gascrankinstation - Headless Chickens
Made up in Blue - The Bats
Home Again - Shihad
Calling On - Weta
Death and the Maiden - Verlaines
Not Your Girl - Fur Patrol
Long Time - Salmonella Dub

As far as I recall, just three or four of the above songs made it into the top 100 songs as voted by members of APRA. What do you think - is is a fair list - what would you include? How many of the songs have you NOT heard of?

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Anonymous said...

Wot nothing from the Feelers??