Friday, May 05, 2006

shoop shoop diddy wop cumma cumma wang dang

Yes folks it`s New Zealand Month, and you may have noticed something kiwi about my blogging. Anyway, The Dominion Post is having a competition for the worst Kiwi song, and off the top of my head, the following 10 songs are worse than the Monte Video song mentioned above.

Lying in the Sand - Paul Holmes
Stop, Drop And Roll - Deceptikons
The Love Bug- Anna Leah
Saint Paul - Shane
The Bridge - Dean Waretini
Be ba be ba be boh - The Chills
Tania- John Rowles
Haul Away - Split Enz
Sailing Away - All Of Us
Maybe - Sharon O`Neil

Later this month I will do a list of 10 top songs.

Are there any shockers I have missed? If so, please leave a note in comments.Obviously the songs have to be songs and artists that most people have heard of, so dont give me your ten worst Skeptics or Costra Nova songs.


Murray said...

Mother Goose - Baked Beans.

The others are Beethiven compared to this effort.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the Deceptikons
deserve to be in there. However,
it is of considerable interest
that most of the other bottom
ten misses are from the seventies
aka the decade that taste forgot.

Apart from the musically challenged
(tonally impaired?) Paul H, but he's in there for obvious reasons.

Well done.

Craig Y.

Anonymous said...

What about:

Sheryl Moana Marie - John Rowles

Dave said...

No, thats a great song.. Funnily enough I was discussing that song with a few friends over the weekend....

Anonymous said...

Oh no it isn't. Add Rowles as well. And probably virtually anything Country and Western, apart from the Topp Twinns...

Craig Y