Monday, May 01, 2006

Michelle Malkin moves for security reasons - and sets up another site

Top blogger Michelle Malkin, blogger, mother, wife, author, and columnist is moving with her family for security reasons. She recently blogged about anti-war protestors at the University of California at Santa Cruz and posted contact information from a press release. Needless to say, some of the Internet’s anonymous freaks called the students and sent threatening e-mail. In retaliation, someone posted pictures of Michelle’s family, telephone number, and home address on a public site. She knows who they are and was not intimidated, but she does have two kids and so she has moved.

Oh, and did you know that she has founded a new site called Hot Air which is "a conservative Internet broadcast network" which will get into video blogging. The site aims to "challenge (and conquer) the dinosaur broadcast media outlets". It's already getting more than 56,000 visits a day.

Hat tip La Shawn Barber

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