Saturday, April 01, 2006

trelise cooper and big news

As you all know, Tamsin Cooper and Trelise Cooper are fighting in court over intellectual property rights. Both are designers and are in the same market.

As you also know, Big News has been around a couple of years or so and is primarily a political blog. So is new kiwi blog The Big News which popped up early this month.

Needless to say, I'm not impressed.

Perhaps I should have a chat to Trelise Cooper. What do others think. What would Russell Brown's response be if someone popped up with a blog called "the hard news" or "'the public address"?


peasant said...

I'm depressed by the typical uni-student banality of "The Big News". Who'd want to be associated with that embarrassing pile of horse manure!

phil said...

Looks like "The Big News" has shut down; muttering something about the threat of lawsuits or something.

Jack Yan said...

The test is whether the other site confuses the New Zealand public (if suing locally) into them thinking it was yours. Good evidence might be your getting their email, etc. Whether that happens with Tamsin and Trelise, we’ll probably find out in court.
   But I wonder if these two ladies are in the same market. They don’t have many retailers in common and Trelise’s stuff is way pricier. It’d be like saying Bentley and Kia were in the same market—they’re both cars but one brand sells its stuff for way more.