Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Herald headline

Maori, PI kids more likely to be run over in driveways Every two and a half weeks, on average, a kid is run over in a driveway. The story strongly implies that Maori and Pacific Islanders are the drivers concerned.

If that is so, what about the headline, "Maori, PI drivers more likely to run kids over in driveways" or "Maori, PI drivers are careless when reversing from driveways".

It's not known how many are run over on the front lawn of a state house - or how many of the vehicles concerned were not warranted or registered. It is also not known if the PI and Maori drivers had higher family incomes than drivers of other races who reversed into their kids - the assumpion is that they don't. I`d like to assume that many had higher family incomes than our family.

This is nothing at all to do with poverty or race. It is to do with inattentiveness and, no doubt, busyness. Imagine how many kids would be run over in driveways if more innatentive parents with cars had driveways - including the poor, Maori and PI state house dwellers.

Wouldn't it be better if more took care in the first place.

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