Saturday, April 29, 2006

Fran, Fran, Fran....

Dear Fran,
You wrote
"The essential difference between the MSM and bloggers is that we have to make sure our journalistic investigations and stories are factually underpinned, are made water-tight as much as possible within the time constraints available, and that the accused gets a chance to respond."

Well, firstly, did you ring Antartic Lemur to check your facts and check out any points raised? Did you let Ian Wishart respond to what you wrote. Did the Sunday Star Times contact the accused Peter Doone to respond to Doonegate? No. So remind me what the "essential difference" is?

Perhaps the bloggers at Sir Humphreys and Wishart have a little more factual underpinning than yourself. You owe Wishart an apology.

BTW, you may want to spell correctly. Journalists should always spell names correctly - its a good habit to get into, Fran. Adolf "Finkelstein" should be spelled "Fiinkensein". Yes, I know it's a hard name to spell, Fran.

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Jack Yan said...

Yep, another sweeping, unbased comment from Ms O’Sullivan.