Monday, April 03, 2006

Benson Pope on the single core benefit

The latest Jobs Letter interviews Benson-Pope on the future of the Ministry of Social Development. One of the changes being planned is the single core benefit, merging all benefits into one type of benefit, as a February ministerial media release explains
"The change to a single benefit, with one set of criteria, will dramatically reduce the time spent on administration, allowing case managers to focus more on moving people from dependency to work.

"From May this year the new service delivery model will be piloted in eleven centres around the country. Legislation for a single core benefit will be drafted and introduced this year.

But Benson-Pope apparently has other ideas.
"And while I can't say that we will be delivering a single core benefit certainly the system is going to be hugely simplified...we're certainly not trying to force anyone in to work who doesn't want to work

What does he expect his ministry to do with people who don't want to work, but are happy to recieve a tax-payer funded benfit??

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