Monday, March 20, 2006

The latest "prima facie" case?

And this time it's Attorney General David Parker, for filing false statements with the Companies Office during his time as a Labour MP.

Will this go the way of David Benson Pope, Helen Clark and the pledge card spending?

update He's resigned!! At least there's is one Labour MP willing to take responsibility for his actions. But then, he had to. Cullen is again the Attorney General, but Parker still keeps his other portfoilios. Helen Clark moans and says it is a "smear".She blames Rodney Hide for snooping around down south.

So much for Helen Clark saying that she takes no notice of Investigate Magazine.

update2 Parker relinquishes all portfolios. He's out of Cabinet. Who will be on the cover of next month's Investigate - any suggestions? At this rate there won't be many cabinet ministers for the cover by the end of the year, so perhaps H2 will feature some time.

I think Helen Clark has just had the results of her first smear test.

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sagenz said...

I vote helen clark on the cover