Sunday, February 26, 2006

David -Benson-Pope gone by lunchtime?

Investigate Magazine editor Ian Wishart believes that sleazy Labour MP David Benson-Pope will resign tomorrow after he released new revelations which he says may force police to reopen its investigation into behaviour that occured while DBP was a teacher at Bayfield High.

Three of the girls who alleged that DBP acted inappropriately towards them have agreed to be named, stating that formal complaints were made to the school at the time.

Thiis is getting out of hand. Such developments cant be ignored by Helen Clark. He surely can't be a credible minister. If Ms Clark thinks South Park is abhorent, surely a teacher perving at naked or semi-dressed 14-year -old schoolgirls is even more so, given that this teacher is now the Minister of Social Development.

Anyway, witness the spin...

Dismissal I find these allegations disgraceful

Denial/lie-I have never treated a child maliciously… or assaulted a student". I have never used force on a student.

Refute-I find the allegations ridiculous and I refute them.

Can't remember-I either do not recall the events or do not believe they happened.

Lie, in Parliament
I have not spoken to, or briefed the Prime Minister
about the police report.

Won't say-I've got nothing to say

Won't admit to reading the papers-I am not aware of any complaints.

Helen Clark: "Benson-Pope will have a great future in my party"

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