Saturday, May 21, 2005

Will 67 cents get Labour your vote?

Michael Cullen is a bit upset that his silly tax tinkling of 67 cents - about 3 seconds worth of Helen Clark's salary - is heading news reports of the Budget. Helen Clark said that nobody could have expected the Government to produce a "a radical-spending" budget. Nobody expected ed the tax cut to take place in 2008, or their first home grant to take proper effect until 2012.

But we do have a radical spending Government dishing out money to hip hop tours, Te Wananga's, World Cups, Maori TV, world trips to film festivals, junkets, websites, and gay information desks.

This budget was about one thing: Trying to get Hullin Cluck a historic third trip in Government. Power tripping. Would you vote for Labour? It'll probably cost more than 67 cents to drive to the polling booth.

Labour should be aware of the Old Proverb "Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely"

Strange how the Labour-let left blogosphere is strangely silent. This budget is a joke and is indefensible.

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Antarctic Lemur said...

If you think that stuff is bad, you should read the May 2005 issue of Police News. Its a ripper. Link on Sir Humphrey's if you're interested.