Friday, May 20, 2005

NZ music month is not over yet

What is it with friends of mine who want to progress their musical career. To get their big break. And seem to be pretty successful with it too, so far.

Frst Matthew Powell and a colleague gets into the top 5 for "Play it Strange" - out of 650 entries. Be watching TV2 tomorrow ( May 21) from 7.30pm for live performances of each song followed by the chance for you to text in your vote for your favourite song. Like his one. The winner receives $10,000 from the Play It Strange Trust.

And Richard Dawson is currently in the final two - out of 100 - in the "Big Break", run by this radio station. The big break is free time in a recording studio to be announced on Monday. So go to the site and vote for him.

Two good artists. Both deserve to win. It is pertinent at this time to note that I appear to be in a habit of picking good musicians - I was the first music reviewer to write music reviews for both Brooke Fraser (when she was about 16) and Fur Patrol (at their first gig after they had just formed.) Raved about them both. Predicted their riseto fame. Both have since dented the charts multiple times. We`ll see what happens to these two artists.

To listen to clips of their songs, go here and here

Oh yeah, if you`re in Welli and you love NZ Music, check out the annual NZ music night at the Ferrymans Bar this Thursday night at about 7ish and you may be in to win the CD's, DVD's etc that we are giving away.

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