Thursday, April 28, 2005

"that won't be necessary"

What was said between the two cops on election night 1999?

The car was stopped in central Wellington on November 27, election night, because it had no lights. The cop who stopped the car had been in the job three days. Something was said by top cop Doone to the young cop. Miss Clark had an opinion about what might have been said and according to the Herald, may have been subpoenaed by lawyers for the SST rather than providing comment voluntarily.

Miss Clark was of the opinion that Doone prevented the cop from breath testing his partner (now wife) and told the paper that its story was correct. It is this comment that Doone is suing the PM for as it appears that the comment from Miss Clark was far from the truth, something which she must have known.

The story would not have been run had Miss Clark not commented. She is now being sued for defamation and her only realistic defence is honest opinion - in other words, that she believes her own lies and is able to convince others to do so as well.

Truth has never been as important as power to anyone in the Labour Cabinet.

Some bloggers are even going as far to say that this is not news - despite them blogging about it - but given that the PM does not get sued every day, this makes it news.

If the PM was to lie, that wouldn't even headline as it wouldn’t be newsworthy. I'm just waiting for that Tui billboard "Helen Clark told the truth - yeah right"

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