Monday, April 11, 2005

political correctness

David Farrar has a bit of a discussion going on his blog regarding political correctness after Labour's newest MP Lesley Soper commented in her maiden speech that she should really be calling it her "inaugural speech."

So what do we call head girl Helen now? Head person Helen? Chief front-bum? What about Heather Simpson - Heather Simperson? Butch-er?

Just as well Lesley - we'll call her Les, it's more gender neutral - doesn’t play cricket. What will she call "third man"? What about a "maiden over" - a "run -free over", I suppose. Never mind, she won't be an MP after the election so I suppose it is no big deal - one less feminist unionist in Parliament.

BTW, in DPFs comments: "Did you hear about the Labour candidate, Guy Chapman? The party made him change his name to Person Personperson"


I`d add "did you hear he is engaged to Sheila Ladyman, and is joining surnames with her future husband."

Imagine what their kids would be called if the world revolved around PC.

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