Tuesday, March 01, 2005

One big lie

The Goverment is to raise petrol by five cents a litre. The money is said to go on roading. That is ONE BIG LIE.
The Government already takes 18c of the petrol excise for general Government spending, not transport needs.
Of the tax taken on petrol after the five cent hike, 38 per cent will go on the roads, 32 to the government for general spending, 22 percent is GST for general spending, and 8 per cent ACC. The bulk of the tax taken doesn’t go on roads. Thanks to Rodney Hide

Don’t also forget that the tax also increases the GST intake. And from April 1 we`ll be paying more to the Government through the pump than to the oil companies.

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peasant said...

On April Fools Day, it's the NZ public who are the fools, allowing our populist incompetent to stay in power