Tuesday, March 01, 2005

One bad move

Russell Brown has highlighted this post on One Good Move where he says it is a discussion on "religious tolerance - or, rather, the tolerance of faith"

Which begs the question: What is the difference between faith and religion, and if there is a difference, does that mean there should be different tolerance levels for each? Sam Harris, in his book The End of Faith calls for the end to religious faith. Well, he would, he's a secular humanist, and doesn't understand religious faith anyway, so he dismisses it because it doesn’t have "evidence". Ummmm… that’s why it is called faith.

Religious customs are often based on faith, or belief, but many people dismiss a person's faith based on a silly religious custom.

Religious faith can be challenged, debated or counteracted with other belief systems. But those who do not tolerate a person's faith based on that person's religious custom are actually intolerant themselves, as well as ignorant. Likewise those who do not tleorate a person's non religious faith based on customs are equally intolerant.

Why is intolerance or dismissal of a religious faith due to lack of evidence apparently quite acceptable when dismissal of a non-religious faith due to the same reason is less acceptable?

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Antarctic Lemur said...

Hi Dave,

This debate about religious freedom is interesting because often the conversation turns to the religious philosophy itself, rather than the negative actions associated with some religious types. In other words the religion itself comes under attack, rather than the customs of the religion followers (i guess that makes it impersonal).

On a related topic, since Labour came to power it has passed several Acts which strengthen regulation of 'de facto relationships'. Doesn't this amount to a sly way of enacting social legislation favoured by Christian conservatives?

What is the opinion of someone like yourself on this matter? I guess you are somewhere near the centre or centre-left on economic issues, but consider yourself a liberal on morality/social issues (I could be wrong here).


p.s. i like your blog... keep it up.