Saturday, March 26, 2005

new blog

Here's a blog from the Locke Foundation. Well, its been around a while but there are regular posts now. The Locke Foundation's communications director is Madeline Flannagan, whose husband Matthew was visited by the police at the request of David Benson Pope after Matthew "damaged" his office building. He was asked to pay $35 for the cleaning costs. Benson-Pope even told the cops to request that the money to be sent directly to his office. The site comments about David Benson Pope's sleep in Parliament (pictured below in another post).
"We estimate that the cost to the taxpayer of Mr Benson-Pope's snooze was $35. Perhaps the Locke Foundation should have the police ask Mr Benson-Pope for this money?"

And have it sent directly to the Locke Foundation :-)

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