Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Is Jim Peron telling the truth ?

Winston Peter's comments under parliamentary privilege that that Jim Peron is a pedophile have now been repeated outside the House by Peters. Peron, a gay man, is a friend of ACT MP Rodney Hide and the head of the Institute of Liberal Values. Peron has continued to deny all the allegations made against him
Peron said he had nothing to do with the magazine Unbound, a journal on paedophilia, published by Free Forum Books, the name of his former bookstore. Peron has also said he has not promoted a similar message to the NAMBLA - the North American Man Boy Love Association.

Peron wrote an article in Unbound entitled "Abused – One Boy’s Story”.

I have a copy and will email it in full to anyone who wants it. It is an article on a subject that Peron initially denied writing.

Peron maintains that Unbound was published by another individual who rented a mailbox and back office from his bookstore. Dr Frits Bernard, a Rotterdam-based paedophilia advocate whom online bibliographies identify as having had several articles published over several different issues of Unbound identified the editor of Unbound as Jim Peron in an email to Madeline Flannagan of the Locke Foundation. They have a comprehensive report on Peron ( see below for link).

The Locke Foundation has apparently been gagged by Peron. Bravenet web services, who host the Foundations web site have received this warning:
This is a formal request that you remove any and all information or talk of Mr. Jim Peron from your Bravenet services.
Please do this within 24 hours or your account will be forced into a suspension period

(Incidentally this is what Peron thinks of free speech)

In the Unbound article, Peron recalls the physical abuse by his father, his father's later death and his sexual experiences with man/boy love. He describes the physical abuse by his father as abuse, but his man/boy experiences were welcome.
"I also know something about man/boy love and I know it from a boy’s perspective. I vividly remember the men I met after my father’s death. My mother ….. sent us to a military school. It was there I met half a dozen boylovers.

"I remember them vividly. I remember them because they were the only staff members who gave us genuine affection. They treated us with dignity, they treated us as if we were human.

"For five years, between the ages of twelve and sixteen, I spent much of my time with men who were boylovers. At no time did they force themselves on any of the boys. What they did do was genuinely love us and for that I am grateful.

"There was Mr. R. who used to slip his hand down the back of my pyjamas. He said it was to make sure I wasn’t wearing my underwear to bed but I knew he liked feeling my butt. That was o.k. because I liked it too. To this day I remember him fondly.

"I can remember the different men. I can remember them holding me. I can remember sitting in their laps, their arms around my waist, their hands resting on my thigh. They saved me. After the physical torture I endured from my father they showed me what sympathy, affection, and love was like. I knew what they were, so did the other boys but we didn’t care"

Jim Peron, to this day, apparently sees nothing wrong with man/boy sexual relationships. He sees them as normal. He has since told that the Unbound story was used without his permission. I find that quite hard to believe. It had his byline. Peron had links to editorial content.

Peron has advocated for a lower age of consent, down to puberty. That could mean as low as 10 or 11. He sees nothing wrong with affectionate man/boy relationships. Yet he says that he is "pretty conservative on matters of personal sexual morality”

Hmmmmm. Not as conservative as me, obviously.

If you`re interested, the Locke Foundation has a comprehensive report here (as at time or writing) You will see why Peron wants to shut this site down. It appears he still holds some sympathy to the paedophilic movement.

If what the Locke Foundation says is false, Jim Peron should sue the Locke Foundation and Winston Peters for defamation. If it is true, he should admit it, rather than being less up-front with the truth


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Dave, I think you are bloody nuts. All you can find to go crook about is the fact this fellow thinks or at some time thought affectionate relationships between men and boys are ok. God help us all if we have come to this level of absurdity. With you around, no father will dare hug his son before he goes to bed. Can't you find something productive to do? Like getting some common sense?

Jim Peron has no need to front up to you or anyone other than the lawful authorities. No one has produced a shred of evidence which would require him to do so.

Dave said...

Adolf, you need to think before you write and read the Peron article.

The post was more about backing up what you say than about morality. What Peron thinks about man/boy relationships are his business. However if Peron ws up ront with those who were inquiring about this story he wouldnt have said some of the things he was saying and Rodney Hide would have felt no need to leave Peron to back himself up rahter than going in to bat for him.

This is my only post on Peron. I refrained from posting earlier as thre was more gossip than facts. Now that Peters has spoken out of the House he must have enough facts to back up his allegations in the House in a way that will not risk him a chance of a defamation suit.

Anonymous said...

Where are your brains?
Do you not know anything about NAMBLA and the movement they belong too?
and dare I say it their intention to sodomise as many young men and boys as they can.

Perhaps you didn't know but the American Psychiatric Association removed (keyword removed) Paedophilia from the "big Book" of mental sickness in 1991.

They went further last year and published "peer reviewed" articles that made the suggestion that "sex between children and adults wasn't so damaging if the children consented".

I was in court last week where a man went away for 4yrs for sex with a minor female.

As far as I understand it sex between adults and children is still anathma to most healthy adults, at least the mentaly healthy ones.

I hug my son, we bath together, change in thew swimming baths, even have conversations with the other whilst they are sitting on the loo.
In short we do all the normal things fathers and sons do.

I do not get a hard on or any type of sexual feeling for him.
1. he is my son.
2. he is a child.
3. he is male.

I find your post perplexing, why would any normal healthy mentally balenced father fear hugging their son?