Sunday, October 10, 2004

You can rip up Rip It Up now.

Scott Kara has left the Rip It Up Magazine to hand it over to Bomber. aka Martyn Bradbury.

What an appalling decision. It certainly justifies the magazine's name, now. Why hand the "reigns" ( as NZ Musician put it) of a national magazine to a loud-mouthed arrogant prick who doesn't appear to understand what balanced journalism is. Someone who has had less journalism experience than most student journalists, and someone who lives off his opinions rather than his editorial skills and refers to women as "bitches". OK, he was the editor at Craccum at one stage, but RIU is a different ball game. If he can't do the job, perhaps Mickey Havoc will be the next in line.

Don`t expect too many articles of the likes of Brooke Fraser, or a positive review of the Parachute Festival, which is the biggest music festival in the southern hemisphere (BDO doesn’t count) but a few death metal bands may get some exposure.

Russell Brown could do the job better in his spare time -and he doesn’t appear to have much of that, lately.

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span said...

when i knew martyn his favourite musician was frank sinatra...

and he was editor of craccum twice - it's an elected position though, and students don't usually vote according to experience etc but for the snazziest campaign.