Saturday, October 09, 2004

Freedom from all discrimination is not a core human right

No Right Turn considers that that freedom from discrimination is a core human right.

All discrimination? Well, freedom from lawful discrimination is protected by law, but I'm not sure that freedom from all discrimination is a human right - for example when I go to the toilet I have to use the men's toilets. This is discrimination, I do not have the right to enter the women's toilets. I was not legally allowed to vote until I was 18, this is discrimination, it is not unlawful and underagers do not have a human right to vote.

However some of the isseses addredsed by te relatinslhips bill will change unlawful discrimination to lawful discrimination, which is a good thing.

But freedom from discrimination is not always human right. For example I am not allowed to marry a male for two reasons: I would breach bigamy laws, and I am a male. If I was unmarried I would only be able to marry a female - and only one at a time. Would I be discrimninated against because I cannot marry a male - or three? Of course, but it is not unlawful discrimination and it is not a core Human Right. Marriage (or having Civil Unions for that matter) is not a human right - would my Human Rights to marriage be breached it I was a single unpartnered person? I agree with NRT in that freedom from discrimination or the right to participate in society is really all about how people are treated by each other. But would I be denied the right to participate fully in society and to be treated as a full and equal human being just because I was single and couldn’t find anyone to shack up with?

Of course not. I agree with Greyshade on this. Laws are there to protect and enable our rights, not affirm them. There are some things we don’t have the right to have or do - even if they are discriminatory.

The Declaration on Human Right is, of course, about rights. Such as the right to have food, clothes and shelter, the right to have an education, the right not to be tortured and the right to have a legal mother and a legal father, among others.

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Anonymous said...

We have no human rights full stop.


its just the way one group coerces another and validifies it's worldview on another.

right to life. when is a fetus a child and when a not?

when it gets in the WISHES of another.