Sunday, October 24, 2004


The Maxim Institute is a think tank a bit like a similar organisation in the US called the Heritage Foundation. Prime Minister Helen Clark, David Benson Pope and gay activists hate them.
One site has recently noted that David Benson Pope said he had proof that Maxim had links with Fundamentalist groups in the US. This was also pointed out by me on this blog a few months back. His comments were ignored by the media as he did not have the proof to back up his allegations. Benson-Pope says of Maxim
I think part of the positive side of all this discussion has been that people are starting to realize that they've got an axe to grind, and I think thats appropriate, and that contributes to good positive debate

But even though he says it is appropriate, he still wants them to shut up about his Civil Union Bill, and won't back up his allegations that Maxim has links with conservative groups in the US. No wonder the media wont report it. They don’t care, anyway, unless there's some news.
This article, which is more gossip than news, is trying very hard to say that Maxim has links with anti-gay groups ( as it calls them) in the US - but does not even mention the Heritage Institute. Let's see if they do any better next week when they embark on a stealth campaign ( it's words) on gays and lesbians.

I`ll summarise their stuff so you don`t have to read it. I`ll keep you posted. There will also probably be lighter blogging over the next couple of weeks due to other things on my plate.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm. More like the US Family Research Council,
I'd say. Logan especially has a longer-standing
association with that group as supplier of discourse,
tactics and strategy.