Sunday, October 24, 2004

activist judges

The US election will be vital as the new president - which will be Bush - will get to pick the judiciary. Most senior US judges are well over sixty and there will be some new judges appointed. That has got the Christian conservatives campaigning for Bush, as they don’t want any " activist judges", said to be more likely to happen under Kerry.

Justice Antonin Scalia is the most conservative judge of the United States Supreme Court. He is New Zealand at the moment and here's what he had to say

Some MP has posted a Gender Identity Bill in Parliament to make gender identity a prohibited ground of discriminatin in the Human Rights Act.Guess who would do that. You`ll be right.I`m sure it will have huge support throughout the country. It's exactly what everyone is asking for.

In the meantme here's Scott Stevens trying to be Craig Young and falling rather short in terms of research.

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Anonymous said...


Incidentally, why not support Georgina's private
members bill if you're opposed to prostitution law
reform? By opening new employment opportunities to
the transgender community, it'll mean that fewer
get involved in sex work, after all...