Wednesday, August 18, 2004

David Benson-Pope is a hyprocrite

David Benson Pope, minister for the promotion of Christian hatred, has proof. Proof that Maxim has links with Christian Fundamentalists in the US. He appears to have proof that Destiny Church are telling kids that it "is alright to hate"

It's just that he doesn’t come out with the proof. D'you know why?

I do.

It's because he does not have the proof.

Mr Benson Pope was speaking out against fear, hatred and intolerance in society with reference to people opposing his Special Civil Union Bills by way of a peaceful march. Yet people in glass houses (which is by and large what the Beehive is) shouldn’t throw stones. Benson Pope has a hatred for Christians, no tolerance for Destiny, and is quick to despise anyone who does not agree with him.

It's about time that Benson-Pope and his ilk GREW UP and practiced the very tolerance he is so proud of upholding. New Zealand is a free country. People are entitled to protest, and are entitled to express their views - including Destiny, Maxim, Benson-Pope and the people behind the campaign for Civil Unions.

One thing that Destiny and Maxim cannot be accused of is hypocrisy. The same can not be said for David Benson Pope.

It's time that David Benson Pope and Brian Tamaki had a cuppa tea together. I`ll come along with my shorthand book if that's OK.

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