Saturday, August 28, 2004

hate speech and crappy networking

And is this the sort of utter drivel and rubbish we now come to expect from those in the gay community now that Destiny have had their time before the media cameras. This is the most hypocritical garbage I have seen written about the Destiny march.

Calum, you`re letting your side down, particularly defending Georgina Beyer. No one with as much as half a brain has defended what she said at Parliament at the Destiny march.

Mind you, Campbell Bond, from Wellington's Destiny Church, is not that good at networking. He has let his guard down pretty badly, sending this email to church leaders. Unfortunately for him, he also included St Andrew's minister Margaret Mayman, who was a key figure in the pro CUB march. Heh heh.

Bond says in the email:

It's interesting that the homosexual community and the committee behind the Civil Union Bill are taking this Stand so seriously they have organised a counter stand against us on the day. With all the press and media there it should make for an interesting scene with no room for compromise between those who represent our secular humanistic society and those who believe the Bible and are standing for righteousness in our Nation.

The email was forwarded by Margaret Mayman to Tony Milne at Tim Barnett's office, with a comment "more "enough" stuff fyi. I'm not sure how I got on this list."

The email then made it's way to the AIDS Foundation. I wonder if Destiny Church was aware of that. Probably not.

I wonder if they know that there is a protest at their church this Sunday in Wellington. They should do. Here's the poster advertising it.

Destiny Church is just asking for trouble if it continues to send emails about the "homosexual community" to members of that community.


Anonymous said...

Yeah Dave, but don't forget, Destiny Church
Wellington members have been removing Wellington
High Schools LG student support group "Schools
Out" posters from that school without asking.

Added to which, over half of the kids at Wellington
High don't want Destiny Wellington to meet there.
As LG student support groups encourage LG high school
students to stay at school, complete their education,
and deter them from LGBT youth suicide, as well as
aiming for a productive future, I think they've got a good case. And no-one can blame members of our community for having issues with Destiny over that issue, can they?

As a Christian, I'm sure you'd agree- suicide of any sort is against the will of your deity, as well as being a profound human tragedy.


Anonymous said...

So's Hell mate
so's Hell.