Friday, August 27, 2004


I'm pretty tired at the moment. I have beeen sick this week, I had 2.5 days sick this week, but the boss told me that he's not going to pay me for being sick, despite me having sick leave entitlement, and knowing I was sick as I left work early one day because I was, well, sick.

I've been told my pay is to be docked because I didn't provide a medical certificate.But the union and the HR people said I didn't have to provide one even if asked.And If they do ask they have to pay for it if it is requested for sick leave for 2.5 days.

That's because my contract says you have to provide a med cert if you are sick for five days. I was only off for 2 and a half days. I think the Holidays Act says three days. Cutting the pay like this is highly illegal isn`t it? What should I do about it, being a public servant and all that.Do employers have a right to sidestep employment contract? Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

this is sick from people who dont have the guts to say their name. Could the Against Christian Fundamentalism people be behind this?

this is a little better even if the spelling is appalling.


Idiot/Savant said...

You belong to the union, right? Tell them about it, document it, and they should give your employer a stern talking to. Failing that, the Labour Department has a hotline, and you can always make a complaint to them.

Unfortunately, neither is exactly good for employment relations - but then, neither is arbitrarily docking your pay.

Anonymous said...

Hey man,

The Holidays Act indeed says three or more calendar days. If you document it you should be able to get the money, it'll just take a while - ie first write them a sternly worded letter invoking s 65(1) Holidays Act 2003 ("An employee may take sick leave if... the employee is sick or injured"), s71(1) ("An employer must pay an employee an amount that is equivalent to the employee's relevant daily pay for each day of sick leave taken by the employee that would otherwise be a working day for the employee") and s 72. s72(1) says the payment must be made in the same pay period the leave was taken in; s 72(2) says the employer can withhold the payment until proof is provided, if the employer is entitled to ask for proof of sickness under s 68.
s 68, however, is the bit about "An employer may require an employee to produce proof of sickness... for sick leave taken under section 65 if the sickness or injury that gave rise to the leave is for a period of 3 or more consecutive calendar days"
Lay it out for him in the letter and the boss should come round - sighting sections of the Act will at least make him call HR, who will set him straight.
Most employers are not bad people, just ignorant.

Anonymous said...

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