Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Smacking, SPCS and Stephen Franks

I'm back after a few days away. I see I've already been mentioned in a media release from the Society for the Promotion of Community Standards who is responding to comments from the opposition with regards to the two gay bills. Well, it's actually not from the SPCS, it's from David Lane under the banner of the SPCS. Nobody else in the SPCS has actually read it, or knew it had been written. They didn't know of the other two releases written that day on the same subject, either.

Sometimes I wonder what they are actually promoting. It's certainly not promoting community standards lately. Anyone have any ideas?

The smacking debate is heating up in the UK. Parents may soon be allowed to use " mild smacking" only. The House of Lords backed an amendment to the Children Bill outlawed smacking in England and Wales only if it causes harm such as bruises, reddening of the skin or mental harm. Prime Minister Tony Blair explained the government wanted to strike a balance between protecting children and parents' rights to discipline their children.

So it’s a compromise suggestion. I wonder if this suggestion will be taken up here?

ACT MP Stephen Franks has been posting on the Maxim Institute bulletin boards on the two gay bills He says :
These bills don't trash marriage in any legal sense, because marriage was trashed in five stages starting with no fault divorce and the dpb. It continued with the no fault property sharing of the Matrimonial Property Act, then the anti-discrimination provisions of the Human Rights Act in 1993, and was finished when the Relationships (Property) Act was passed in 2001, to automatically marry de facto couples for property purposes, whether they liked it or not. For more see my speech notes at

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