Sunday, July 04, 2004

I was waiting for someone to write this

The Sunday Star Times has a story saying de facto parents are as committed as married couples. I bet the Maxim Institute has a different view. Yet this was only a survey of 50 couples. I wonder what the split was for gay, defacto, and married? If I find out I`ll let you know.

This is the argument: Take couples whose kids live with mum and dad or a re adopted (which would exclude gay couplea who can't do either) On the whole, married people stay together longer than defacto couples, and marriage benefits children, says Maxim.

Show us local statistics, say opposing groups.

The problem is: There are none.

I was waiting for someone to write this, too

I wonder if the editors of Stuff read this blog.

Nah, probably not. They just print their stories after I do.

Express editor Oliver Hall defended the Gay Express cover and the editorial, saying if voting against the bill was not due to homophobia he would like to know the reason.

Well, if he was a half -decent journalist who wanted to know the facts, why the hell doesn’t he ask them? Perhaps this could be a mission for Craig Young, who seems to be a bit more researched.

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