Thursday, July 22, 2004

National could lose a third of its women MP's

With the news today of Lynda Scott's decision to stand down at the next election and Georgina Te Heu Heu considering doing likewise, National will have at most four of it's current women MP's after the next election. If the election is won by National, expect the Ministry of Women's Affairs to go as well. That’s what Don Brash would like anyway. He`d also like a Ministry of Asian Affairs to be set up similar to the Ministry of Maori Affairs - and the Minister of Maori Affairs probably won't be a Maori.

Gee, if they keep this up, but decide to retain the Ministry of Women`s Affairs, the chances of the next minister of Women's Affairs being a male may be quite high!

We`ll also have our first list Prime Minister.

To date Labour is to lose 3 MP's - all electorate MP's: Janet Mackey, Georgina Beyer, and Mark Peck. So it will be 3-3 if Te Heuheu decides to up ship.

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