Thursday, July 22, 2004

coalition of the walling

A United Nations resolution demanding Israel comply with an International Court of Justice ruling to dismantle its West Bank barrier was opposed by New Zealand. The ruling was supported by Australia - and a handful of other states inluding the US - because their Foreign Minster says the International Court of Justice was not the right place to raise the issue. Or is Australia really sucking up to the US?

I prefer this point raised in the National Business Review

While the ICJ unevenly split many legal hairs in reaching its decision, none were so lopsidedly divided as the Court's disingenuous position that Israel does not have the right to defend itself against terror attacks from Palestine under prescriptions that allow one state to take such defensive measures against another because Israel does not recognise Palestine as a foreign state.

But our Government is increasingly anti- Israel - and increasingly pro-UN. If Helen Clark had to choose between the views of the US or the UN, she'd choose the UN. Here's a good article from Israel National News about our anti-Israel Government in light of recent events. Yep, were starting to get bad press again.

And, on the other side ofthe coin, here's a brief summary on how Israel has thumbed its nose against the UN and New Zealand and how its "unparalleled defiance of the world’s criticism, condemnation and rejection of its illegal and racist policies" is supported by the US.

And as an aside, Clarks speeding motorcade has made the BBC as well as noting how she is dobbing the police in and removing herself from all responsibility of breaking the law.

She's a total embarrassment, isn't she. Unpopular and incompetent.

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