Friday, July 23, 2004

Into submission

The submissions for the Civil Union bills are due in a couple of weeks. Two groups have put out helpful guides. Here's the guide from the Maxim Institute, and here's the one from the campaign for Civil Unions. Take your pick. Better still, read both. Even better, do a submission to the Justice and Electoral Select Committee. More datails on the links, which have downloadable PDF files.


I see that some of those in the gay community are a bit miffed that the Maxim Institute is offering template letters for its supporters to submit to a select committee for the bills.

One has to ask why: Some in the gay community have been doing this for years in similar submissions, mainly with template letters via email. Some members of the gay community make multiple submissions to select committees: sme as individuals, one as a couple, one through a relative and others from groups they are part of.

Perhaps Maxim could followsuit and do several submissions - one from the Institute, one from the director, one each from other directors, their wives, their kids, their aunties etc.Because thats what supporters of the bills are doing.

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