Friday, July 23, 2004


I see that another leader of a political party went to the rugby -
except he walked in the rain. I wonder what Rodney Hide and Peter Dunne did that night?

Matt Robson could shut up for once because he's getting boring as he adds to yesterday's news.

National is up in the polls, while Prime Minister Helen Clark wants to have her head in the clouds
National 43% (21)

Labour 39% (41)

Green 5% (7)

NZ First 5% (10)

Act 3% (7)

United 2% (7)

Maori 2% (0)

Progressive 0% (2)

Looks like the left and the right are pretty much dead heating after a big swing to the right in the polls over the past six months or so.

And I see that John Banks may start blogging

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