Tuesday, October 30, 2007

woman smacks a kid so hard he's dead

A woman beat up a kid and is arrested. The police have notified the parents of the arrest and they have asked for privacy at this time

Yeah, if I wasn`t looking for after my kid, and someone esle killed him, I`d be asking for privacy as well. What kind of person calls their kid Jyniah anyway.

Another murder when the "whanau" was looking after her, as opposed to the parents, both of whom were beneficiaries. The arrested person is not the mother, it is a caregiver who was turned in with the assistance of Family Party leader Richard Lewis.

Some caregiver. Maybe she goes to Destiny Church? Hopefully not for too long.

Several other children, all relatives of Jyniah aged between two months and eight years are being cared for, though police were not sure who the current carers were.

Well, we know who the carer isn't.

UPDATE Apparently the caregivers family goes to Destiny Church

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