Friday, October 19, 2007

Smarmy's off to Palmy

Steve Maharey is quitting Cabinet because he has finally accepted a job that pays more than an opposition MP - the Massey University Vice Chancellor. However, before the election he will be doing a Shane Jones and double dipping as he will move to the back-bench rather than force a by-election which Labour may end up losing.
UPDATE It appears that Maharey wil lbe leaving Parliament before taking up his role. He will take up his role six months before the election - meaning Palmerston North will have no MP for six months unless National force a by-election ( which it can do) and local Massey students won't be able to lobby their MP against fee rises because he will be their vice chancellor.

That is because a by-election can't be held six months out from an election wiothout 75 per cent support from parliament.

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Anonymous said...

Teflon Steve.