Monday, October 22, 2007

speaking of affairs, how's Sharon?

Well, the Herald on Sunday has printed this ( HT Whaleoil) so I may as well blog about it. I used to know Sharon pretty well, as well as her mum. I worked with them both prior to Sharon being in the Silver Ferns. I thought she had better taste. And Burridge is her maiden name This is her married name.

Actually what if the Herald is wrong. I think it is wrong.She has got better taste and deserves an apology from the Herald on Sunday. Perhaps this, not parliament grapevines, is the HoS source which has been online for nearly two months.

Time to try another Sport, or get her name right.


David Farrar said...

On what basis are you saying the story is wrong?

Dave said...

1. Sharon is happily married with three small boys.
2. The goss on this was out in September and if the HoS had their ear to the ground it would have reported it then, as well as reporting Sharons surname correctly. 3. Gut feeling.
4. That`ll do for now.